Things you should know about when Towing a vehicle


When towing a vehicle, there are many things you should have the knowledge of and keep in mind. First of all, it’s not an easy job, it takes years of experience to do it right. You have to be very careful when loading the vehicle because it’s not property, it’s someone else’s property and if you damage it, you might even get charged for it.

towing a vehicle

This is why beginners are not supposed to do this job, they should get training first from their companies before actually setting out for a job like this. San Jose provides 24 hour towing San Jose service and training for their recruits and this is exactly why they are known to be the best towing company. They follow every rule of the law while doing this and provide their workers with the best working conditions they can get.

Every company should do this and give their workers the best working conditions they can give because it’s really for their safety and if something happens, the company itself will be blamed causing its brand image to ruin.

Here are some things you should know about when towing a vehicle;

The weight limits and towing classifications

A standard isn’t designed to tow every type of vehicle. There are different towing trucks for different cars. Small trucks are only designed to tow vehicles from the middle of the road to the side of the road.

Let’s start with light-duty trucks which are also classified as Class A. They are only able to tow cars which are about 7000 lbs, not more than that.

Then there are medium-duty trucks that can tow vehicles that weigh around 10000 to 14000 lbs. If that weight limit exceeds, then the heavy-duty truck will be needed as heavy-duty trucks can carry about 17000 lbs which is insane. They are very big and have special machinery built on them which allows them to tow heavyweight vehicles.


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