Dyer Vent Cleansing – Prevent a Fireplace by Cleansing Your Dryer Vent


Did you know— Only sixty% of the lint is captured in the lint trap of household and professional clothes dryers. The other 40% is vented outside. In excess of time, the damp lint accumulates to the within of the duct. The outcome is like a clogged pipe that turns into more limited more than time which can trigger a fire hazard! In accordance to the Countrywide Fireplace Defense Affiliation, 16,000 fires begin in the laundry area every calendar year.

Also, the Customer Merchandise Safety Commission estimates more than 84.4 million in house damage yearly. This is a reality that requirements to be taken significantly. The Point out Fire Marshal suggests that your dryer vent be cleaned or inspected as soon as a 12 months to make sure your safety.

Here are some symptoms your dryer vent may possibly want cleansing:

If it requires for a longer time than one cycle for your clothes to dry, or the outfits are extremely sizzling soon after drying, this is a good sign your vent demands cleaning.

If the outfits have a musty scent soon after drying.

If your dryer shuts off or stops throughout a cycle, the factor could be obtaining too sizzling from the duct restriction.

If there is a great offer of lint escaping from the back again of the dryer.

If Mile High Ducts has lint covering the outside of the vent cover.

Right here are the advantages of a clear dryer vent:

Minimize laundry drying instances

Stay away from dryer aspect substitute fees

Boost the quality of dried clothing

Preserve funds on utility charges

Avoid a dryer fire!

So, how do you go about cleaning your dryer vent. Below are the methods if you strategy to do it yourself.

1. Get the appropriate equipment. For this task you will need a store vac and extension hose of at the very least 10 to 15 toes, relying on the size of the dryer vent outdoors to your dryer. Following, you will require a versatile cable with a brush on the end (can be identified online) to snake through the duct, and last but not least, a dust mask and gloves to protect oneself from the airborne lint.

2. Disconnect your dryer from the adaptable duct and clear the again of the dryer and any lint that has accrued under the dryer. Examine the versatile duct and replace it with a new 1 if it is destroyed or has holes. The first element of the approach will involve working the flexible cable and vacuum from the inside of of the property by your dryer. The second part of the procedure requires the exact same thing only from the outside by your dryer vent that goes to the outside.

3. Operate the adaptable snake with brush via the dryer vent duct as considerably as you can go, be careful not to press earlier any turns or angles that might result in the cable to get stuck in the ductwork, in any other case you will have a tough time obtaining it out. Vacuum out the free lint with the store vac and hose. Run the hose as significantly into the duct as you can go.

4. Locate where your dryer vents to the outdoors of the house. Get rid of any dryer vent hardware to access the duct.

5. Repeat the approach from the exterior, operating your versatile cable into the duct (toward the dryer) and vacuum out the free lint. Comply with this by hooking the dryer back up to the versatile duct within the property and change the dryer on, any remaining lint will blow out of the duct. Ultimately, replace any hardware on the outside of the home.

You may possibly be amazed by the sum of lint you vacuum out. In some instances you may well take away several Lbs . of lint. In any case, you will save by yourself the opportunity of a fire catastrophe, and preserve your dryer working clean for years to occur.


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